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10 de Fevereiro, 2023

SOLO +VIDA meet the team: João Madeira, Cooperativa Agrícola do Guadiana

João Madeira, president of the Cooperativa Agrícola do Guadiana, partner entity of +SOLO +VIDA, explains how this project can provide tools and more knowledge to farmers […]
6 de Fevereiro, 2023

The soil life after the permanent pastures implemented in November

We followed the sprouting of the first permanent pasture plants implemented by direct seeding in November 2022. This measure is one of the 10 good agrosilvopastoral […]
23 de Janeiro, 2023

+SOLO +VIDA meet the team: Maria Bastidas, ADPM

Maria Bastidas, coordinator of +SOLO +VIDA and technician at ADPM – Associação de Defesa do Património de Mértola, explains the aims of this project and the […]
10 de Janeiro, 2023

+SOLO +VIDA on Rádio Portalegre

Maria Bastidas (ADPM Mértola) and João Madeira (Cooperativa Agrícola do Guadiana) were the guests at the premiere of the third season of the “Rádio Rural”, a […]
5 de Janeiro, 2023

+SOLO +VIDA participates in Webinar Cycle promoted by ICNF

Maria Bastidas from ADPM Mértola, the coordinator of the project +SOLO +VIDA, presented, on 6 December, in the webinar cycle promoted by ICNF (“Ciclo de Webinars […]
17 de Novembro, 2022

First actions on the ground: direct seeding

The first actions of the Territorial Programme +SOLO +VIDA began in November to conserve this valuable natural resource! We began the direct seeding of permanent pasture […]
20 de Outubro, 2022

Interviews to the farmers

On Friday, October 14, the team of Territorial Program +SOLO +VIDA, consisting of members of ADPM and MED University of Évora went ahead with the first […]
20 de Outubro, 2022

Summary of the Public Presentation

More than 45 people attended the “Public Presentation of the Territorial Program +SOLO +VIDA and Synergic Initiatives” that took place on October 3rd, at Pavilhão Multiusos […]
15 de Setembro, 2022

Come and discover +SOLO +VIDA!

The team of Territorial Program +SOLO +VIDA invites all stakeholders and, in particular, farmers operating within Parque Natural do Vale do Guadiana in the municipalities of […]