News & Events

26 de Maio, 2023
Workshop dedicated to water and soil management focuses on one of the themes for the future of Baixo Alentejo
28 de Abril, 2023
“The value of your pastures” workshop shares biodiversity knowledge about agroforestry and livestock systems of the region
19 de Abril, 2023
Workshop “Grazing Adaptive Management” – a strategy to recover Baixo Alentejo from desertification
12 de Abril, 2023
Registration: workshop “The value of your pastures – botanical identification
4 de Abril, 2023
+SOLO +VIDA networking with other projects to fight desertification
21 de Março, 2023
Meet +SOLO +VIDA team: Artur Lagartinho, ADPM
14 de Março, 2023
Registration: workshop “Adaptive Grazing Management”
5 de Março, 2023
+SOLO +VIDA and collaboration with MED-UÉVORA highlighted on Rede Rural
24 de Fevereiro, 2023
Worskhop “Electric fences for pasture management” promotes good practices
10 de Fevereiro, 2023
SOLO +VIDA meet the team: João Madeira, Cooperativa Agrícola do Guadiana
6 de Fevereiro, 2023
The soil life after the permanent pastures implemented in November
23 de Janeiro, 2023
+SOLO +VIDA meet the team: Maria Bastidas, ADPM
10 de Janeiro, 2023
+SOLO +VIDA on Rádio Portalegre
5 de Janeiro, 2023
+SOLO +VIDA participates in Webinar Cycle promoted by ICNF
17 de Novembro, 2022
First actions on the ground: direct seeding
20 de Outubro, 2022
Interviews to the farmers
20 de Outubro, 2022
Summary of the Public Presentation
15 de Setembro, 2022
Come and discover +SOLO +VIDA!
14 de Setembro, 2022
Are you a farmer? Join +SOLO +VIDA project
13 de Setembro, 2022
Fighting desertification